In her past, as a single mother of three stuck living in a mentally, emotionally and physically abusive relationship with no clear way out while battling an addiction… The one word you can describe Keisha as is an “overcomer”. Now 35 years of age she is a new author… Her first of many books “I Know Who My Daddy Is” released on Feb.9th, 2016. She is also an up and coming motivational speaker. Keisha understands the importance of having a support system who will uplift you and help bless you the way God has blessed her in changing her life to become the woman she is today. Keisha is the founder of. W.O R.D Ministries (Women Of Redemption & Determination) where they are doing the work to build women up from the inside out.

Keisha’s dream and fight is to be a world wide known author and speaker and leave a legacy behind for her three loves, her children. She lives her life by the following….

1. Faith without works is dead. You have to put in the work to fulfill the purpose God has for you.

2. What you think in your mind and speak out of your mouth will manifest in your life! Speak greatness no matter the circumstance!

Her motto daily… “Change Your Thought Process, Change Your Life”!