I Know Who My Daddy is debuted in the #1 Spot on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in its category. Keisha’s book remained in the top 100 for three weeks running. Don’t miss reading this awe inspiring piece of real life literature.

The characters in this book represent real life people that can be seen in our families, friends, and ourselves on a daily basis.  This is what makes us connect with the book in a down to earth kind of way.  The story telling itself is undeniably captivating with the chain of events and the graphic details in which they are described. It is super bold… leaving no rock unturned! I’ve read many true story type books and I didn’t feel it.  This book ticks you off, then makes you cry, and then smile. It’s an emotional rollercoaster just as life itself. It is full of shared events that some would have kept secretive and now they can breathe and live out loud as a testimony speaking out from where God has brought them from. Miss. Keisha Lee’s testimony through her words is without a doubt someone else’s blessing through their test.

Rachel F. Williams

This book was so captivating.  Keisha makes you feel as though she is sitting down with you on her couch and sharing her life.  She takes you on her life’s journey through her trials and triumphs. It made me realize that we are ALL constantly a work in progress.  Thank you for sharing your story.

Tamika Deese

I absolutely love how candid and transparent Keisha Lee was. This book took a lot of courage to write. Not many people in her shoes would be able to open up their wounds to the world. Keisha put her heart and soul in this book for ministry purposes and I do believe that she will help many women, as well as men, from sharing with us her truths. Continue to pray her strength as she prepares herself for what the enemy has next in store for her for standing up to him in this way. The bible says, “Whom the son set free, is free indeed.” Keisha is free indeed!

Chrystal Williams